So Boring I Ate My Shorts


Hello and welcome to my site!

Hopefully today is a

This page is for when you are bored, at school or work. When you need something to spice up your day, whether its animations, cool pictures or a program you want. I've made a few

Oh, by the way, I was only twelve years old when I made this site and my downloads!


Go to Dogbert Rules if you want to see, buy ( or whatever ) Dilbert


This is a list of the pages and what's in each one:

Links: is a page with some links to web pages made by my dad and friends.

Downloads: this page is devoted to listing downloads available from this site.

GTA III: this page is devoted to Grand Theft Auto III.

ISA: this page is devoted to The International Space Agency. A thing me and my Granddad made up, and I have now made into a imaginary agency.

Colours: a list of a few colours and their opposites.

Cool: A new page with a different layout.

Twil: A good page made by a friend of mine, watch out for Mr. T

EV: Override: is devoted to Escape Velocity Override.

RFITG: is Random Facts of Irrelevancies and Total Gibberish

DUGARDS: is a web page made by my good friend, Chris Allen of Colchester, it is on his school, Colchester Grammar. He is in Dugards House.

Zak: my new web page all about different Zaks.

Dogbert Rules: a web site devoted to the greatest comic strip in the known universe (in my (and millions of other peoples) opinion (s)) Dilbert, it has links to the dilbert games and also some other sites, but best of all it has a list of Dilbert books and links to buy them, cool huh?










EV: Override



Dogbert Rules